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    cfobject component

    romeogq Level 1
      My components are located in a level 1 subdirectory named cfcs.
      In my root directory I have a test script (test.cfm), and in a level 1 subdirectory named other I have my actual script (actual.cfm).

      This <cfobject component="cfcs.logfunctions" name="logs"> works for the root test file, or at least I don't generate an error, but not for my actual file located in the subdirectory. What the problem?

      Error on Actual Subdirectory File:
      Could not find the ColdFusion Component cfcs.logfunctions. Please check that the given name is correct and that the component exists.
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          <cfobject component="cfcs.logfunctions" name="logs">

          CF looks for components in the current directory and subdirectories of
          it. To use components outside of this path, one needs to create mapping
          in the cfadministrator. Create a mapping named "CFCS" pointing to your
          CFCS directory and all will work fine.