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    Director & PayPal


      I was just wondering if anyone has came accross any solution to integrate PayPal with a standalone Director projector?

      I am creating a digital vending machine and was hoping there may be a way to add a pay by PayPal part where the user can enter their details via the Director program and then hook up to PayPal and authorise their payment in the background.

      Any ideas?


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          "comedydave" <webforumsuser@macromedia.com> posted in

          > I was just wondering if anyone has came accross any solution to
          > integrate PayPal with a standalone Director projector?

          I know nothing about PayPal's API, but I'd bet that the worst case scenario
          would be to have the projector communicate with a server script on a site you
          have access to.

          If I recall correctly, Director's get/postNetText does not work with https
          SSL from a projector (do check me on this), so I wouldn't recommend using
          those commands to send sensitive information over plain http protocol[1].

          I would probably start my Director side research with the SecureNet Xtra.
          http://www.inm.com/products/snxdirector/ . With that Xtra, you could probably
          connect directly to PayPal's servers (again, I haven't looked into PayPal's

          It seems that my favorite Website for a list of Xtras is going through some
          changes http://www.updatestage.com Mile High Table O'Products. You could
          check for other Xtras that support secure communications over the Internet.
          IIRC, the technote to look for on the Adobe Director support site that lists
          other Director sites was tn_3104 (there's probably a link right on the
          support pages). It should be easy enough to find in the Technotes at

          [1] If you have good control of the Web server (and PHP is available), you
          might want to check out Robert Tweed's Lingo implementation of Blowfish,
          LingoFish. http://killingmoon.com/director/lingofish/ . I can happily report
          that I used it very successfully in a project a few years ago. Very well

          Mark A. Boyd
          Keep-On-Learnin' :)
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            >>It seems that my favorite Website for a list of Xtras is going through
            >>some changes http://www.updatestage.com

            Yeah...like they've decided to make it _really_ ugly wit white text on
            black... Can you say 1984?

            Dave -
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              Hello Dave,

              I know both PayPal's API and Director pretty well. You need to create a few server side scripts and trigger them in your Director projector. Your projector can't talk to paypal directly because PayPal talks to web URLs only as of now. Think of it as of an MVC design pattern where your backend stuff is a model, PayPal site is a controller and your Director projector is a view.
              Turn on the IPN (instant payment notification) feature in your PayPal acct profile and specify an URL like www.yoursite.com/ipn.php there. Every time you get a payment PayPal site posts all purchase info to that URL. You are supposed to store all data in a database table. Then your projector talks to another script on your site like www.yoursite.com/details.php to retrieve payment details and display them to the customer.
              That's in short, all that stuff is not easy but still possible.

              Good luck to you with your project,
              Meliora Software, "Ameliorated Development!"
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                Thanks for all the replies,

                I think that it's too complex for me to take on, i just thought it would be a good thing to add in, but it looks as if it will take a long time to integrate!

                If anyone would like to help me do this though, i'd be very grateful!

                Thanks again,