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    Controlling multiple movies with one button

      Hi flash gurus,

      I have 4 movies of the same length running on my stage in the FLV playback component, with different instance names. I also have a single play/pause component. I want all of the movies to play together and unpause/pause when I press the play/pause button. However, I have only been able to get the play/pause button to control one of the movies (the last one listed in the actionscript). I'm using the following code to attach the play/pause component to the FLV playback movie:

      FLV_instance_name1.playPauseButton = PlayPause_instance_name
      FLV_instance_name2.playPauseButton = PlayPause_instance_name
      FLV_instance_name3.playPauseButton = PlayPause_instance_name
      FLV_instance_name4.playPauseButton = PlayPause_instance_name

      When I use this, the play/pause button only controls the FLV_instance_name4 movie. How do I get it to control all 4 moives? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!