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    problem sending XML

    Mitek17 Level 1
      G'day, folks!

      I've encountered with a strange problem.
      Flex does not want to send through the HTTPService XML object if it consists only from 1 empty node like this:
      var x:XML = <data iDataId={m_iId} sNote={m_sNote}/>

      I turn on the trace on server (PHP) and $_POST is just empty.
      OK, then added something to the node, i.e.
      <data iDataId={m_iId} sNote={m_sNote}>just a stub</data>

      And on the server side I receive only the node value "just a stub". Attributes hasn't been sent along.

      So, if add subnode
      <data iDataId={m_iId} sNote={m_sNote}>
      <Some id="0"/>

      and now server receives everything, the whole original XML.

      Does anybody know what is it - a bug ? a feature ?

      PS. Flex 2.01.(Win)