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    Complex Graph Examples

      I'm creating a project which has Flex at the front end and hibernate at the back end sitting on an HSQLDB instance. My domain model is a parent child hierarchy of objects implemented as a collection of pojos. I have successfully managed to wire up FDS and my db through Hibernate and the FDS HibernateAssembler and can return my object graph. I'm very happy and impressed.

      My question is whether anyone has an example of a (set of) FDS destination configuration(s) which exposes a hierarchy of bi-directional parent-child relationships? e.g.


      At the moment I cannot successfully update any objects other than at the root level of the parent child hierarchy.

      As it stands I only have a single destination configured which deals with the loading of the top level objects. I probably need more sophistication in my destination configuration but I am struggling to find adeqaute documentation and would appreciate seeing any working examples.

      Hibernate takes care of querying the full object graph by means of the associations I have defined in my mapping files, and my single parent destination delivers all the data. However when I alter any data on a child, grandchild or greatgrandchild object (all of which are FDS managed objects) I get an IllegalArgumentException and there seems to be a mismatch between the identities being sought and the query being issued.