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    Button Script -

      I'm just a newbie to actionscript, but I'm working on a project in which the following is vital, and I was really hoping that someone might be able to give me a helping hand.

      - Scene A lasts for 100 frames, and it includes a button on one layer (lasting from frame 1 - 100) that links to Scene B - pretty standard fare.
      - When the user clicks the button at any time within these 100 frames, I need the Scene A to play until the end (frame 100), then go to Scene B.

      The reason behind this is that I would like the video clip of Scene A to have a seamless transition into the video clip of Scene B, and the only way I see this happening is to force Scene A to end before playing Scene B.

      To sum up, is there any method to delay the event of a button (such as gotoAndPlay("Scene B", 1), until the end of Scene A, or until a specific frame? (whichever is easier)

      Sorry for any confusion - If the above explanation is unclear, just let me know and I'll try to write it more precisely.

      Many thanks, and any help would be extremely appreciated!

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          first, don't use the goto functions and second, don't use scenes to navigate. use the goto methods, label your frames and use those labels for navigation.

          now, for your issue you can have your button set a variable which is used on frame 100 to determine where the playhead should next go.

          for example: