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    word wrap bouncing- any ideas

    Level 7
      I have an animation that created a textfield dynamically and then animates
      it by manipulating the _x or _y axis values.

      I have a mask that is _x:30 _y:30 _width:900 _height:700

      my text field are built at the _x location and are as wide as the _width and
      animate on the _y value.

      the text that is inserted intot he textfield varies in length but on
      occasions if the word wrap is just right the last word on that line can't
      decide whether it wants to be on the first line or the next line.

      Any ideas as to what would cause this and how I can fix it?

      I assume that when the textfield is redrawn at the new _y Axis some factor
      changes the size in some way but am just changing the _y axis at a