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    I've moved a catalog and all the images to a new PC and now LR5.7 says that it can't read or process the CR2 or DNG files.


      Excited to have a new PC and get away from waiting hours for batch processes - but this has stopped me dead.

      Is there an obvious solution?

      Old PC (Win8.1 32bit, LR 5.7 with full updates) to a new PC (Win8.1, 64bit, i7 processor, 16 Gb RAM, LR5.7 fully updated)

      New PC is blazingly fast at processing old JPG files, but refuses to recognise my new DNG files from Jan 2015 (taken on an EOS 700D in Canon Raw .CR2 format and converted to DNG on import).

      or DNG  -in Library module there is no preview available in the film strip and the main window is blank - in Develop module I have blank screen with "the file appears to be damaged or unsupported"

      Nor does it recognise new CR2 files (EOS 700D) taken last week.

      Can anyone help?