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    Another director/captivate navbar related query

      Hi there, (sorry for cross posting)

      It seems a few people are asking similar questions re. controlling captivate swf's inside director. I have a variation on this theme.
      I have a director movie linking together a whole heap of captivate authored swfs. I can link to the captivate swf and play it back entirely without any problems.
      My director movie bascially displays the swf on top of all other sprites on the stage. When the user clicks the close icon on the captivate generated skin nothing happens. Ideally i'd like the swf to close showing the underlying screen with the main director movie menu/navigation. This way there isnt any communication needed between the swf and director. Playback/control of the swf is handled via the captivate skin, my only problem is when clicking close, nothing happens. Additionally i've told captivate to close at the end of the project to, but this isnt working either.... All im left with at the end of the playing the swf is a white screen with the skin control bar at the bottom.

      Am i making sense? Anyone got any suggestions?