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    CFINDEX of query output

    mikozak Level 1
      I did not have any luck posting this under general discussion. I am hoping that I will get a nibble under Advanced Techniques.

      I am migrating from CF 5 to CFMX 7. Trying to index 9 records from a database query into a Verity collection. Only the first record in the query ends up in the Verity index. I know it is the first record from the query, because if I sort the query results, whatever sorts to the top of the result set is what shows up in verity. The code is attached

      According to the status variable, I inserted 1 record and updated 0. No errors.

      None of the columns in the query result set has a null value in it.

      Any idea what I am doing wrong? This same code works fine (without the status variable) in CF 5.
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          Have you tried running the update without the status variable? I haven't used verity in 7 yet, and this is new to 7 - my understanding of it is that this is where the result of what happened in the creation of the index is stored. (You should be able to see if there where any 'BADKEYS', the number of keye 'DELETED', a whole load of diagnostic messages if there are any, the number of keys inserted and the number of keys updated. Have you had a look to see what it says?
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            mikozak Level 1
            I did not add in the status variable until I discovered that my results were not correct. The status variable does not indicate that a problem has occurred.

            ColdFusion support people have suggested that we apply updaters 7.0.1 and 7.0.2. We are currently running 7.0. I will update this thread once we have applied the service and tried updating the Verity collections again.
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              mikozak Level 1
              Well, we installed updaters to bring us up to CFMX 7.0.2. That corrected the problem.