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    Asynchron Audio and Video


      Hey, i've  got a problem with Premiere Elements. I added a MP4 File but the video and Audio is asynchron, at the start everything is okey, but for every minute passing by the Audio and Video gets more asynchron. At the end the audio is basically off but the movie is still playing. When i open it in my VCL player the video is fine. Maybe there are problems with the framerate so the video is a bit slower then the audio. but i have no idea how i can fix it.

      Kind regards Denis

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What version of Premiere Elements and on what computer operating system is it running?


          What is the source of your source .mp4 file? Was it recorded with a device that uses a variable frame rate, such as cell phone, iPod, iPad? Premiere Elements does not fare well with video recorded with a variable frame rate. A typical fix is the convert the file's variable to constant frame rate with a free program such as HandBrake.


          This will give you a H.264.mp4 file with a constant rather than variable frame rate.


          We will be watching for more details. How to for using HandBrake can be supplied if needed.


          Thank you.



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            Aiden93 Level 1

            Elements 13, Windows 7
            The mp4 was captured with an elgato game capture card HD, so yes the frame rate is variable.

            Mhhh.. doesn't converting ruins the quality ?
            but anyway a helpful answer and now i know i shoud watch out for an other program....

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              I have been traveling but am finally catching up on thread replies.


              Do you need any details of conversion of variable to constant frame rate using HandBrake? The export will be that H.264.mp4 file with the variable frame rate now constant. You should get good quality results. HandBrake has many features, including bitrate adjusts.


              This variable frame rate matter can manifest itself with audio out of sync to not being able to import the video file at all to not being an issue.


              We will be watching for your progress.


              Best wishes