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      I upgraded to RoboHelp 6. Has anyone had a problem with RoboScreenCapture? My main toolbars went away. I have to use Ctrl + to open and save. I do not know what I did. I removed, re-installed, and re-booted my computer several times but it will not restore.

      Any ideas???????????
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Welcome to the forum.

          Sorry about the slow reply. Is this now fixed.If not, do you have the menus so that you can look at the View menu and reset your toolbars?

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            Hello CFS2007,

            The main menu bar is detachable. Did you happen to change screen resolution and/or remove an additional attached monitor? Perhaps you moved this menu bar off the viewing area of the primary monitor.

            Try increasing your screen resolution. If that does not bring it back, re-attach the secondary monitor and see if it is located there.

            You can also try to use keyboard shortcuts to get into the Customize Tools dialog to bring it back:
            1) Press Alt-T
            2) Hit Enter.
            3) Click on the Toolbars tab.
            4) Put the check mark back into Menu Bar.
            5) Press Close.

            Thank you,

            Bobby Walker
            Adobe Technical Support
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              CFS2007 Level 1
              I do not have any menus. The tools toolbar is grayed out until I press Ctrl Shift (whichever). Alt T does not do anything. My screen resolution is already at 1280x1024. It is like I deleted it the main toolbar.