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    Hell no I do not need your stupid anti virus crap Mcaffee stop shoving it down our throats or atleast givesus back the option to say no.


      There is one reason and one reason only that this program has to be bundled with the flashplayer updates.  No one wants it.  It is crap and doesn't need to be there.  On another note stop trying to hide the option to download it.  It is beyond shady practices for a well establised name likeyour self.  Three I have my own antivirus program that even if you managed to trojan in this crap it would have stopped it because it doesn't let any program run without asking.  Third do you realise if you accidently get it installed how annoying it is to uninstall.  I have grandmothers who don't know any better and wind up with 30 different anti virus programs because you prey on the technology ignorant.  This is why people are leaning towards HTML5 player.  This is why your name is turning to trash.  Stop bundling crap period.