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    menu items greyed out


      I just loaded my Ae and I am using the Adobe Ae CC 2014 CIB and when opening Ae in the menu to start off with the menu items to start with are greyed out, How and Why?


      I am using an iMac 27" system and it is brand new less than a year old. I downloaded the guru 5.0 or ;after Driver, now no welcome screen come up and the menu items are greyed out. I am trying to start the program and I can't. Any ideas to help ? oh Yeah my name is Bill140.

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          Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Are you definitely opening the correct version of After Effects, or are you perhaps opening the After Effects Render Engine instead?


          The Render Engine is, as its name suggests, purely for rendering existing projects, and most other functions are greyed out.


          Bill Hirsh wrote:


          I downloaded the guru 5.0 or ;after Driver,

          I don't understand what this means.  Please repost and explain more precisely what the problem is.