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    Premiere Elements freezes while burning at 2%



      I'm getting frustrated...

      I'm trying several times to burn a DVD or at least in a DVD-directory. Every time the process freezes at 2%. But I already exported a DVD-directory some weeks ago. Now it doesn't work anymore :-(

      To be sure it's not a format issue I exportet my project as a mpeg-file and then made a new project with just this clip (and the DVD-menu). It won't export. In the TaskManager I can see Premiere working with about 25%.

      What's wrong with my project / premiere elements / os?


      Thanks in advance :-)



      OS: win8.1, 64bit

      Premiere Elements: 11, 64bit

      Project: using *.mov, *., mpg, *.mts and *.mp3 files

      duration: about 20min