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    Laptop advice: i5-5300U vs i7-5600U... worth $350 upgrade?

    mschubb Level 1

      I'm looking at a Carbon X1 (3rd Gen Broadwell refresh) with 8gb RAM (maxed) but having trouble deciding on a processor.  Assumed I wanted/needed the i7, but the upgrade is $350 -- which seems way overpriced. 


      In real world Adobe CS use, do you think I'll feel a big performance compromise with the i5?   This will be my "travel machine" primarily for writing and presentations, but several times a month I do photo or video shoots.  So media transfers plus lots of Lightroom, some Photoshop and occasional light use of Premiere for HD and 4K footage.  (I have a desktop for serious editing.)

      Hate being fleeced by Lenovo, but should I get the i7-5600U anyway?
        (Still 2 cores hyper-threaded, but i7 has 33% more cache, 10-15% higher clock speeds and Intel graphics at 950Mhz instead of 900Mhz.)   Do you think these differences would be noticeable for the kind of media work I described? 


      Thanks in advance for any thoughts or real world experience using CS on an i5 laptop..