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    Changed colour wheel???

    Hugh Todd
      In an earlier incarnation of the earlier Kuler colour wheel, the colours were placed as they are in a typical computer colour wheel. So the complement of red was cyan. The complement of green was magenta.

      I remembered seeing this and thinking, hey, this doesn't gibe with what I thought I knew about colour theory (little as it is). Someone had written a forum post about it, and an Adobe engineer assured him that the old colour wheel (the one taught in all art schools, I believe) was wrong, and that this Kuler wheel was correct, based on what we now know about the behaviour of light.

      Being an open-minded person, I shrugged, expostulated softly to myself, and made a whole lot of mental revisions. It made sense that Red, Green and Blue were equidistant around the wheel, and that Cyan, Magenta and Yellow took the places in between. Thus Yellow was opposite Blue, for example. How could I have accepted any other theory? Why could I not have worked this out for myself? Those silly old art schools, perpetuating muddle-headed theories!

      Forgive my rambling here, but I want you to understand my astonishment when I returned to Kuler today only to find that it now displays the traditional colour wheel. Now Cyan is opposite orange. Green is opposite red. Purple is opposite yellow.

      Not only this, but the old Forum posts concerning this issue had gone. Had I been dreaming? Was I going mad?

      Thankfully I managed to find Bob Donlon's blog. Here was proof that I was not a victim of a delusional state. The Kuler colour wheel has definitely changed! Kuler than thou

      So may I enquire as to what happened here? The world is tilting reassuringly back to the status quo ante, but I'd love an explanation from someone at Adobe!
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          I prefer the traditional color wheel. Complementaries: Red-Green, Violet-Yellow, Blue-Orange. I think it is better than changing the color wheel to fit lithographic and monitor reproduction (CMYK and RGB). Also, I think the traditional wheel is more useful for creating dynamic palettes.

          However, I noticed that kuler is acting weird. I was just playing around with an Analogous palette and the colors in the color wheel and those in the palette, did not match. Maybe it got weird after I deleted some and then tried dragging a color onto one of the deleted "spaces"... not sure what happened..?
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            Hi there,

            We have made some changes to the color wheel. If recall the thread correctly, the individual from Adobe commenting was expressing a personal opinion and is not a member of the kuler team.

            Regarding our archived discussion topics, I too don't know where they've gone. I'm looking into that.

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              Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
              I'm happy to report to fortyfivedegrees that he hasn't gone mad. :)
              >> Not only this, but the old Forum posts concerning this issue had gone. Had I been dreaming? Was I going mad?

              You can view older threads by changing your personal settings:
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              Go to "Days back to view topics for." Crank it on up.

              Mrpipp: Can you give us steps to repro?