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    How do I take off the annoying trial banner if I have the paid version of Adobe Premiere Elements 12 ?


      Hey Adobe population,


      I've been having 2 major problems with the software lately.

      First of all, I've payed for the full version of Adobe Premiere Elements 12 since about a year now. It worked perfectly fine until the trial version somehow kicked in (don't ask me why because I have no idea) and I keep seeing that annoying trial banner every time I open an existing or new project. I tried uninstalling the program and re-installing it afterwards with the good serial number, but I still manage to see the same banner. I looked at different forums and also tried to delete the rendered files but it did not change anything.

      Afterwards, I came up with another problem; I tried opening an existing project and a new project and in the welcome menu, it gives me the impression that it's loading but then, nothing happens. I just can't open the software anymore.

      I have a Samsung laptop with Windows 7.


      Thank you for your help,