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    Bookmarks Links Goes to Wrong Direction (Page)

    rkeles Level 1


      I just added bookmarks to pages title. by following right click on title of page Interactive-New Bookmark.


      I had totaly 9 pages first and I done about 7 bookmarks for pages. first all of them was fine. but after I have added 4 extra pages after last page, my some of the bookmarks is begining to go last page!


      I did delete them and insert aganin, allways goto last page.


      Where can I edit that?



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          Michael Witherell Adobe Community Professional

          Window > Interactive > Bookmarks panel

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            rkeles Level 1

            Bookmark panel is already appear.


            Problem is, althouhg I target bookmark to page 1, when I click on it it goes to page 13.

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              Cari Jansen Adobe Community Professional

              Which version of InDesign are you using? (On Windows: Help > About InDesign, on Mac OS: InDesign > About InDesign).


              I tried to see if I could replicate the issue you are seeing, but the Bookmarks panel definitely points to the correct page numbers, even when I move pages around – this is in InDesign CC 2014.2 Release  /  Build 102..0.69


              I'm not entirely sure what's happening but the following might be of help:

              • When you select an object and right-click Interactive > Bookmark, the bookmark you create references a page, NOT the object you had select as far as I'm aware. In my version of InDesign, if I move the pages around, after creating the bookmark, the bookmark page number reference automatically updates to reflect the new page. You can check that by selecting the bookmark in the Bookmarks panel and waiting for the tool tip to appear (or just hover the cursor over the bookmark you want to check)
                If you move the content you had selected when you added the bookmark to another page. For example by selecting a text frame and moving it to another page, the bookmark will still point to the previous page.


              Try this as a workaround:

              • Instead of creating Page bookmarks, create the bookmarks more content aware: Highlight the page title text with the Type Tool and choose New Bookmark from the Bookmarks panel (Window > Interactive > Bookmarks).


              If you're still having troubles, see if you can provide us some screenshots of what is going on, hopefully they'll help clarify the issue.