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    Blinking starfield out of one mc - the final question

      I have create one tweening star in a mc.
      Its´s a bitmap which is blinking and changing colors in a animated circle.

      I´ve got one answer from shikozel who´s answered this:
      >you need to give your star movie clip a linkage name. lets say star_mc. Then loop 100 times. in each
      >loop you attach the >star_mc in a random place on the stage. lets say the width of your stage is
      >500wx500h. The code should look like that:

      >for(var i:Number=0;i<100;i++){

      And the final question is:
      Cool, this is the first step- to spread the mc all over.
      But I wonder if they can be spread in time. Why?
      - So every star is moving and blinking individual in time.
      - Now the starfield moving and blinking as a group, where every
      star is in the exactly same position in their tweening
      process, in time.
      (the blinking status is exactly the same for eveyone)
      In other words:
      How to create a starfield where every star is blinking and
      changing it´s colors individual?