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    Best render farm ideas

    Chase Chick Level 1

      I'm toying with the idea of creating a render farm.  I work in AE and Cinema 4d mostly, along with the obligatory Premiere and Resolve.  Here's what I'm thinking;


      36 (18x2) - xeon x5260 dual core

      58 - X7DBN Supermicro 5000p Dp Dual-Core Lga771

      58 - 2x4 gb ram

      33 - nvidia 210

      10 - wd 160 gb hdd

      42 - corsair 430w psu

      27 - case


      For a grand total of 264 per system.  If I buy 4000 worth of these I'll have like 60 physical cores at my disposal by my calculations.  Most of from Newegg, but a couple were from Amazon.  What do you guys think.  Is there a better cost per core solution out there?