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    Cs4 and lightroom 5.7


      after I edit my raw images in Lightroom 5.7 I click on edit as a Smart object in Photoshop Cs4 when the smart object opens it does not keep any of my previously edited info, it opens as my original raw file.  All my settings have been set up I can't figure out what I am doing wrong.  Is LR 5.7 not compatible with Cs4? Am I missing a setting that would fix this issue?

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You would need PS with the ACR 8.7 plug-in to be completely compatible with LR 5.7.  Since you only have CS4 you can only use ACR 5.7 or so to interpret the SO’s settings and it doesn’t know about the new settings in the LR 5.x series.


          What you’re missing is a version of PS that can host ACR 8.7 which would be CS6 or CC.


          The what to use a new LR version with an old PS/ACR version is to use Edit In and not use a smart object but instead have LR render a PSD or TIF and edit that in PS without it having to rely on the older ACR.