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    Just tell me how to do this>

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      Ok! I have looked for day's! to find a tutroial on this subject because I just can not work it out! I need some out there to tell just how I go about making a flash form with 8 combo boxes and 3 input fields. And then I need the .php code I have tryed many things to make this all work the main problem I am having is making the combo boxes send any information to my email address. So this is what I realy, realy need!
      1> the code to attach to the send button.
      2> the code (if any) to attach to the combo boxes.
      3> the php script that will take the information from the combo boxes and send them to an e_mail acconut.

      But if any one out there know of a realy good tutrioal please send me the link because I am close to tears! Pulling my hair out, stamping my feet and not being a very nice person to be around right now!! So the sack of my family please help them! Do it for them not me! Thanks!
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          See my replies in the thread titled: 'Help needed for monitoring animation'

          That will show you how to send data to a PHP script, you'lll just need to
          modify the script to send an email instead of querying a database.
          Not sure how you could've looked for days and not found anything either.
          This question comes up all the time, and there are lots of tutorials out
          there. Try searching Google groups.

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