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    Sneaky injection and tireless updating


      I just hope Adobe staff gets to see this message themselves...


      Please Adobe, STOP INSTALLING MCAFEE on my pc! Why the hell do I see 'installing McAfee' when clearly having NOT chosen such option?!

      When I go back to the download page, I do see that you can untick a box for this option. However, I did not even see it (after all, why would I read an entire boring download page when all I have to do is click the 'download' button..), and put it there so sneaky and even with the box *already ticked* is pretty much the same as forcing it onto us.


      This is just fowl.


      I'd like to add that I'm getting fairly sick of all these updates in the first place as well. It seems that nowadays a new update gets released ever two weeks or so, and the only reason I download it because I have to choose between three options of which I don't want not any:


      - Install updates automatically -> I don't like it when software does stuff behind my back and I want to know about new updates

      - Prompt for updates -> I always choose this one, but this way Flash Player does spam the hell out of me with these countless updates

      - never update.


      Why not make an option that makes Flash Player only check every month or so? That's quite enough I think. Or is this about the ads?