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    MediaDisplay cue points problem?


      I have this strange problem.
      I use the MediaDisplay to load an mp3-file and adding
      cue points to the mp3-file to trigger events in other movieClips
      Accessing the instance on the timeline for the first time
      everything works just fine. Cue points are found and the correct events are triggered.

      But the second time if I navigate back, nothing seems to work.
      The output window gives me the following message
      "1000: Unable to make connection to server or to find FLV on server"

      Can anyone help me out here?
      I paste the code below.


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          zenkert Level 1
          Solved the problem with the help of a friend.

          The answer is to have an empty keyframe whithout the MediaDisplay.
          This means the MediaDisplay gets a chance to empty its self.
          Seems like it keeps information about file and cue points if it is
          programmed to load the same parameters again.
          Haven´t found any actionScript to solve the problem.

          This workaround is fully functional though.