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    Child orientation

      I have an HBox that contains three VBox elements. The middle VBox element has an exact width and height. The left and right VBox have a percentage width of the remaining available screen width. Both the left and right VBox contain a container. Inside each container are elements positioned with x and y coordinates. Thus a small screen will reduce the size of the left and right VBoxes. The reduction in size of the left VBox works well because the coordinates are based on the left side of the VBox so as the box get's smaller the child elements don't get cut off on the left side and instead get cut off on the ride side so the whole thing looks seamless. However, since the items in the canvas inside the right VBox have coordinates based on the left side of the canvas, when the VBox is resized the right side of those child elements are clipped thus producing a clear cut off point which is visually unappealing. Is there anyway to change the setting of the canvas to draw the x and y coordinates from the right of the canvas instead of the left?