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    Animate "Fails" to Publish project (Windows 7 Professional); can't access folder?

    Cliffpq1 Level 1

      I have seen the other "Publish" question on this forum, but this seems to be another issue. When publishing a project to Web, the resulting dialog indicates...


      "Failed to publish to Web at path: "pathname". Make sure the folder is accessible and the file is not locked.


      All the same, when I go to the project saved location I find new Publish and /Web folders, a new Publish/Web/Image folder, an Edge_includes folder and the expected .js and .htm or .html files. For a while, I simply used these and ignored the error messages. Something may have changed in my workflow or setup, although I have no idea what, but now the resulting published package does not work. By "not work," I mean when I click the resulting .htm(l) file the animation is blank.


      Windows 7 Professional

      Edge Animate 2014.1 (up to date as of today)

      I have uninstalled EA completely, including preferences, re installed, renamed the project, changed folder locations, same problem.


      Help would be appreciated.