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    no raw-import from Canon 6D with LR4.4


      I'm using a Canon 6D with a SDXC sd-card form SanDisk (64 GB, Extreme, class 10, 45Mbit/s). When importing pictures from the camera, LR4.4 does not display any raw files on the card, when the camera ist connected to the pc (win 7 prof., 64bit) by wire, but jpgs are displayed! When I put the sd-card into an external card-reader (model Xystec, GUC-673, a rather cheap model) then raw files and jpgs are displayed both. The problem seems to be the sd-card because there are no such problems with smaller ones. Canon 6D is running the latest firmware 1.1.6. What can I do besides NOT to use these sort of sd-card?