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    lightroom 轉存問題


      HELLO 大家好, 有關 LIGHTROOM 的問題想請教:

      本人使用 LIGHTROOM5.71  修改圖片後轉存,



      本人嘗試多次, 甚至重新安裝軟件後,

      依然無法解決, 懇請高手解救~!!

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          Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I put your post in google's translate as I don't read Mandarin. The translation was not so clear but I am guessing that you are confused with how Lightroom works. Lightroom never changes the files it works upon. So the files you work on in Lightroom do not change outside of Lightroom. It stores its changes inside an internal database. This is a non-destructive editing workflow. To see the changes outside of Lightroom, you need to export to new files that you can use on the web, etc. Your originals will live inside of Lightroom untouched. There are some good videos to learn Lightroom here: Lightroom tutorials | Learn how to use Photoshop Lightroom