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    Is Captivate for me?

      I've just downloaded the demo of Captivate 2 and I'm really impressed.

      However, before I can consider using Captivate over the sim builder that came with our LMS I've a few questions for you experienced users!

      Sorry if these have been answered 100 times before - I've only been using Captivate for a couple of days so it's tricky for me to know what to search for!

      1. In our existing sim builder, slides have two narration panels; the first with precise instructions for taking a learner through the sim for the first time to learn ('show me') and the second to run through it again with little handholding to demonstrate learning ('test me'). This is roughly equivalent to the 'Training Sim' and 'Assessment Sim' modes in Captivate.

      So, if I record a training sim, can I then run it as either a training sim or an assessment sim? Or if not, can I make a copy of the project and convert the training sim to an assessment sim without having to edit each slide?

      2. Can I get a text entry box to grab the focus when its slide starts? E.g. if the interaction coming out of the last slide was to click in a click box positioned over the 'enter name' field, the user would expect the text entry box to have the focus in the next slide.

      3. Is there a keypress interaction - e.g. press 'F10' to go to the next slide? I 've found I can make F10 the shortcut key to a text entry box with a blank correct answer, but that assumes that the the box has the focus which may not be guaranteed.

      I'm sure I'll come up with a million other questions, but those are good to be going on with for the moment!

      Thanks :)