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    Editing HDR in Lightroom or stay in Photoshop? Color difference?


      Once I merge files as HDR to photoshop from lightroom, I then set it to 32 bit. Then I can make all the edits in Adobe Camera Raw, after I hit save, it will then be in Lightroom as a .Tif file. But, what about if I merged to HDR in photoshop and didn't adjust anything with camera raw, and just hit save, then when I adjust it in lightroom, will it be the same? In other words, when I adjust it in Lightroom I know I'm adjusting a .tif file. Am I doing the same in photoshop or has it not became a .tif file yet?


      Also, I noticed a massive color difference. I got the edit to look perfect in camera raw. I saved it, when I look at the lightroom version it doesn't look as clear, it looks like it has more saturation than I actually used, maybe even more clarity or sharpness as well. The colors aren't going together smoothly like on the camera raw version. What would I do to fix this?