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    Lightroom Mobile compatibility/features

    BumpRd Level 1

      I tried installing Lr Mobile on my Samsung Tab 4 7.0 and was told there's no version compatible with my device.

      Not entirely surprised, because none of the camera remote/tethering tools seems to work on this tablet. 


      My purpose is to use Lr Mobile to shoot tethered with my Canon 70D/6D instead of dragging a full laptop around.  Preferably via the camera's built-in WiFi, but over USB would be okay.  However, reading some posts online has me concerned that this isn't possible?  That Lr Mobile only works for images already imported into the full version of Lr that are synced to CC.  So before I spend $700 on an iPad I don't otherwise need, my question is whether or not I can shoot tethered to Lr Mobile on an iPad (or Android, doesn't really matter)?


      Also, if there is a list of fully-compatible mobile devices for Lr Mobile I'd greatly appreciate a link.