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    Symbol wouldn't be responsive / ISSUE


      Hello all!


      I am now developing a portfolio website using two of the edgedocks.com tutorials, Composition Loader and Adaptive Layouts, with edgecommons ressources.


      I am not new at edge animate but facing a problem with the symbols for my different breakpoints. No symbol would ever be responsive in my edge animate, i've tried several combinations, searched the web in quest of somebody facing the same problem but i'm stuck.

      Whenever I create the rectangle symbol (layer1400), and paste my elements in, i can't set it to responsive, even if stage of the symbol is set in % W and H, and the symbol set in position % also. All my parameters seem correct, but still not working in the browser. This is not my first project on Edge, I precise, and documented myself quite well on the symbol issues.


      I Could send the .zip file of my project to whoever would like to get on it, just not posting it right away (professional work)

      Or else, does the symbol call function at breaking points works with external compositions also? I could go over my bug like this maybe.


      Thank you for reading and answering!