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    Pagination with a Frame

    Atul_Saxena Level 1
      Hi everyone,

      I have a Frame wherein i am showing 5 images out of a total of 15. at the bottom I have a Next and prevoius button which would guide me to next set of 5 Images. All this should happen within the same frame. The problem is that when I use ImportInto then the first 5 set of images are displayed but as soon as i click next and again use the importInto then the next 5 images are set but the old becomes unreachable/untraceable.

      Please suggest any idea by which we can do it in better way or make this work

      Waiting for your replies
      Thanks in advance...
      Atul Saxena
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          neekss Level 1
          i'm not getting what exactly are you trying to do here. so far I can only guess that you are trying to make an image gallery type of thing with next previous btns to see the next set of images.
          are you using lists, try setting the member property of the 5 sprites, why are you importing the file.
          pls be more specific when posting on forums.
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            Atul_Saxena Level 1
            Hi Neeks

            I am interested in having something similar to Image gallery where the images will be populated into the sprites from file system. But the problem is that initially there are 5 images which i impor into 5 place holders. As of now i am not using any list. If there are more than 5 images then the back and next button must be available, on clicking the next butoon i should be able to populate the next set of 5 images into the sprites place holders. also on clicking back i should get the previous set of images.