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    Unsupported format or damaged file

    fcvideo Level 1

      I have Adobe Creative Suite Production Premium CS6, and render files from After Effects and bring them into Premier Pro. This process worked fine, as I edit football matches - and did the graphics in AE, and then put them over the video in PP. I just amend the AE file every week, as I use that as a template, so once the graphics are produced and saved, the file is amended.


      This worked fine, until I have to move to a new machine, as the old one died. I reloaded the CS6, and the premier pro files are fine. However, as they try to use the old AE files, I get an error message "Unsupported format or damaged file". I also cant play the files using windows media.


      Any suggestion? It would take me days to try and rebuild all the graphics for 50-odd matches (team sheets, goal scorers etc).


      Could it be a codec issue? Not sure what that is to be honest, but really clutching at straws.


      Any help gratefully received.