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    Turing Number in Coldfusion

      Helo everybody..

      I just want to get any idea or guideline from anybody that have experience in implementing Turing Number in Coldfusion. The problem is, Online Enquiry which one of modul in our website always attacked by junkmail. The number was growth everyday and it made our database full with useless content. We have suggested to using this Turing number to avoid automated submission. But we are newly to this Coldfusion and we have no idea how to implement them.
      So, you're welcome to help me to fix this problem.

      For you information, we've found turing number script in PHP. But, the questioned are, is it possible using the PHP script in Coldfusion? if yes..then how?

      Thank you for respon..
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          Fernis Level 3
          I'd suggest implementing a CAPTCHA instead. In English, a verification code image which displays a few distorted letters and numbers on a messy background, which (hopefully) only humans can interprete, not automatic OCR engines.

          Since CFMX 8 (codename Scorpio) will introduce built-in support for CAPTCHA images, and my own secret world-dominating CFMX-based content management system is anything from ready, I haven't had to worry about the issue yet, but do a web search for "Coldfusion captcha", and you'll almost certainly find a solution, I'm sure.

          If it's only the module that's attacked, and not an actual web page, then you need to tighten the security of the module which is handling the posted form.

          Hope this helps, and fits your framework.

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            Level 7
            I Haven't tried it, but there's this:


            The Alagad Image Component from the same crowd is very good, so presume the
            CAPTCHA one is too.

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              Ujye Level 1
              thanks for the info. I've opened the link, and i will study the CAPTCHA