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    How do I rotate content, not the frame (Javascript)

    Therus Santana

      Hi guys, I'm using InDesign CC 2014.


      I need to figure out how to affect the content of a placed image, not the surrounding frame. I know how to set the rotation angle of the selected object's frame:


      myRectagle = minhaPagina.rectangles.add(meuDocumento.layers.item(-1), undefined, undefined, {geometricBounds:[myY1, myX1, myY2, myX2], strokeWeight:0, strokeColor:meuDocumento.swatches.item("RED")});

      myRectagle.rotationAngle = 45


      For a frame, works fine, but I cannot understand how to leave the frame as it is and just rotate the content. I.E., normally, if I grab the direct selection tool and click an image (hovering over the image inside the frame turns to the hand tool), I can then manipulate the content without affecting the outside frame. But I want to do this with an JavaScript.