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    Power Point Viewer File within a .CHM

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      Hello All,

      I am in the process of creating online lesson plans. One of the requirements is for the user to access the Power Point presentations.

      Currently, I link from a TOC page to the corresponding baggage file, user clicks the page and the presentation displays. Since, Power Point Viewer is a company standard, there are no compatibility issues.

      Unfortunately, the presentation takes-up the whole screen, to return to the CHM file, the user must go to the end of the presentation or press the Esc key.

      Is there another method, whereby I can link to the presentation file and have Power Point Viewer open in a new window?

      I verified Rick Stone's Tip and Tricks file and I am familiar with using the Redirect Topic and Short-Cut Control option to open the program. I think I am on the right track with these two components.

      Thanks for your help,
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          I am not familiar with using PowerPoint files in a .chm but a method that works to load other content (text, Word docs, pdfs, ...) in the help viewer window rather than having the app open its own window is to use the parser function. You put the code in the header and then call with <A ONCLICK="parser('yourfile.ppt')" STYLE="text-decoration:underline; COLOR: blue; CURSOR: hand">

          This was designed to open other files in the help viewer but unfortunately RoboHelp's WYSIWYG editor will strip out the anchor if it does not have an HREF, so once you add this you can't edit, unless you add it back in with each edit.

          I'm not sure if this will work with power point but it is worth a try.