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    Using Coldfusion with Exchange

      hi folks

      I am a ColdFusion newbie trying to develop a web mail service (a Hotmail service) in which I want to use Exchange Server 2003 running on a Windows 2003 server at the back-end and the Coldfusion MX 7 service to run at the client side. In this application, users would be able to register themselves and once they have registered, an account is created for them in the Exchange server. Next, it should be a basic Outlook type application wherein the users can send and receive mails from the Exchange server.


      Firstly, please guide me as to how do I connect my Coldfusion to the Exchange? What do I do from scratch?
      Secondly, I went through some support forums wherein I can connect to the Exchange using a <CFLDAP> service. Can you please provide me with an example of how do I connect it to the Exchange server.

      Opening the outlook in the browser window will also be fine...

      Seeking for your replies...Thanks!!!