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    Keyboard shortcut keys not working

      I can't use any keyboard shortcut keys. I could yesterday, but they aren't working today. I think it may be something simple, like I pressed something on the keyboard itself to turn them off, but I don't know how to check that and turn them back on. Help! Thanks. Becky
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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi Becky and welcome to the community

          Can you be a bit more explicit? Where exactly are the keys not working? In the RoboHelp editor or in the final help system you produce? Or in any application?

          If it's the RoboHelp application, which RoboFlavor? RoboHelp HTML or RoboHelp for Word?

          Cheers... Rick
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            pwrdn36 Level 1
            Hi, thanks for responding. I'm working in the editor, and it's the Robohelp HTML. I've been using Control C and Control V to copy and paste in the editor. I just realized that they are not working in any application, so it must be something I hit on the keyboard. Can you still help me? Thanks, Becky
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              RoboWizard Level 4
              Hi again Becky

              Unfortunately about the only advice that I might have at this point would be to restart Windows.

              Wish there were an "easy button" for it!

              Cheers... Rick
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                ElisaFnord Level 2
                If restarting Windows doesn't work, there's one more trick you might try -

                Windows has an Accessibility settings wizard you can get to from the Control Panel. A lot of the settings are visual, but there is an option to hit key combinations in sequence, rather than at the same time (first CTRL, then V). You may have set this inadvertently.

                It's easy to do - there's at least one accessibility setting that keeps happening on my machine if I absent-mindedly hold down a key for 10 seconds! (And of course, I can never remember WHICH key!)