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    New to Arrays: need help (sorry for double post!)


      Hello everyone I am new to utilizing arrays in coldfusion. I am using a query which retrieves ItemName, ItemID from my table.

      I need to display each retrieved ItemName along with a text box for each Record. The values input into those text boxes will

      then be inserted into another table to be retrieved at a later time and date. I am seriously lost on how to do this. From

      what I've looked up I need to use some kind of counter function and set that to my results that are to be displayed. Alot of

      examples I've looked up on the web show programmers using cfset to bind the number of records retrieved to the array.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated. I apologize for lack of knowledge in this area, hopefully in time I will become the

      array "master" ( I had to throw something mildy humorous at the end or I'd go crazy at work).