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    SSE3 vs. SSE4.1?

    MarkWeiss Level 1

      Does it make a significant difference for 4K playback and for rendering in general?


      I'm weighing the value of a $100 upgrade to my system, swapping out a midrange CPU for a higher end model. The current one does not support SSE4.1, but the version I'm thinking of buying does. I read that Adobe Premiere CS6 uses SSE4.1 instructions and runs quite a bit faster with it. Has anyone more data on this?

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          cc_merchant Level 4

          Yeah. So stay away from AMD, only Intel is suitable  for video editing. See Tweakers Page - What kind of PC to use?

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            MarkWeiss Level 1

            I'm considering an Intel Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650. My last AMD chip was in the 1990s. AMD isn't in the forefront anymore.


            Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650 advantages

            • Operating frequency of the microprocessor is higher than the frequency of the Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 CPU.
            • SSE4.1 instructions are enabled on this microprocessor.


            From another article about CC2014 (but I need to know if this is true for CS6):


            "Having a newer Intel processor or an AMD FX series processor will help with decoding heavily compressed video formats such as AVCHD and h.264.


            Again if you CPU doesn't have SSE4.1 support, it just means it will decode the video a little slower."

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              cc_merchant Level 4

              You realize that this CPU is from 2008? Way outdated and extremely slow in comparison to modern CPU's. Extremely meaning a factor 50 or more.


              Where a modern system may take 1 hour for an export, a QX9650 system will take TWO days or more.

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                MarkWeiss Level 1

                How long a file? My system currently takes about 48 minutes to export a 90-minute MPEG2 DVD from a 1080P timeline.

                I can play through 4K video (Atomos Shogun recording, Apple ProRes) pretty smooth, with a dropped frame here and there. I can render out 4K in close to realtime with NVENC h.264.


                Rather than spend 5 grand on new components to build a killer system, plus 3-4 months reinstalling, configuring and adding in all the hacks and tweaks and customizations, I figured $200 worth of CPU and RAM at used prices would get me maybe 30% more performance, which would be good enough for me. I'm moving up from a Q6600, which doesn't support SSE4.1 instructions. If CS6 uses SSE4.1, then I may see more than just the clock speed increase in performance. The system currently has a Windows Experience Index of 7.4, which is not too shabby.