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      it's seem a lot of people are having problems crerating a form in adobe flex..me included. Unfortunately a lot of those questions haven't been answered. I will be very glad if someone could teach me how to create a form with a php or asp form processor. Thanks in advance
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          The example at the bottom of the LiveDocs is quite helpful when creating a form, if that's the help you need:
          Click here for LiveDocs (Form)

          As for processing it, you may need to use a HTTPService:
          Click here for LiveDocs (HTTPService)

          If all you are doing is processing a single form, I wouldn't recommend Flex as the way of doing it, a simple HTML form would save alot of time.

          If it's part of a bigger application, and it requires more connectivity with other areas, etc, then you may want to look into a WebService rather than HTTPService.

          Hope that info helps.