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    Premiere Elements 11 - Silent installation for SCCM


      Hey guys, I am trying to package up Premiere Elements 11 for a Silent install using SCCM. I have followed the official deployment guide here:


      Deploy Premiere Elements 11 and earlier | Windows


      and the following Blog post:


      Mick's IT Blogs: Deploying Photoshop Elements 11


      but am encountering the same issue as someone noted in Mick's Deployment guide - I configure the "Setup.ini" file and the “application.xml.override” files and the installation does indeed run and complete.


      However, the created Desktop shortcut points to an executable file which does not exist and it seems that half of the program is missing/not installed despite there being no errors during the installation.


      Additionally, the Adobe guide linked above talks about copying the xml.override file into two folder locations:

      <Your setup location>\ElementsOrganizer\SupportFiles\payloads\EO[*]AMTLibSupport

      <Your setup location>\SupportFiles\payloads\PRE[*]AMTLibSupport-32/64


      but neither location exists on my source media (downloaded from Adobe.com).

      Can anyone point me in the right direction please?