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    Importing Photos to Lightroom 5


      After importing from a memory card I get a message in Develop the the file cannot be found.  It seems I need to save to hard drive first.  Why?

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          dj_paige Level 9

          When you import from a camera card, you need to select Copy in the Import dialogbox (it's at the top center) — or perhaps Copy as DNG.


          This makes a copy of the photo on one of your hard disks, in the location you specify in the Destination section of the Import Dialog box (or perhaps in the default location). From there, Lightroom can properly work with the photo that it has just copied to one of your hard disks. You cannot move, rename or delete the photo (or the folder that contains it) outside of Lightroom, if you do then Lightroom cannot find the photo and it gives you this message.

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            Monroe Level 1

            Thank you!