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    Image not showing/loading constantly in multi-page

    Valérie Lapointe



      I have developed a book with multi-page composition using EC.loadComposition. Everything works fine on my IMac (Safari/Chrome). When I deploy the application with PhoneGap (IOS/Android), some Images are not showing after a few pages loaded. The first four/five pages works great with sounds and videos but then in the next pages, some images are missing in compositions ? It looks like a memory leak problem or a bad refresh on the screen ?


      Anyone have some suggestions, similar experience, ideas ? Helps will be very appreciated !


      My book contains 35 pages, is it realist make it with Edge animate and PhoneGap ?


      Sample code used to load pages :


      function LoadPage2() {

        var promise = EC.loadComposition('Book_Page2_en.html', sym.getSymbol("page2"));

        promise.done(function(comp) {  

             stagePage2 = comp.getStage();

             stagePage1.$("audio").prop("muted", true); 




             stagePage1 = null;                

             PageActive = 2;