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    Edge Animate Crashes IOS on IPhone 6 & Iphone 6 plus


      My animations run fine on IPhone 5 and below, and all Andriod devices.  But crashes my clients IPhone 6 & IPhone 6+

      What is the problem? HELP!!!


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          vmfdesign123 Level 1

          From the explanation below, I had to go through each series of animations, change the scale from 10% => 100%, then resize the object to its intended size, then make sure the animation position and sequence was correct.  A lot of work, but now it does not crash any device.





          Explanation on why this issue could be happening.


          In Edge Animate CC 2014 we have introduced a preference setting called "SVGAntiScaleFactor". The reason why we introduced this parameter “SVGAntiScaleFactor” is that we have observed the SVG pixilation issue which happens on browsers when any SVG content is animated with “scale up” transform. To solve this problem we are scaling up the container div by a factor of 10 (which is by default the SVGAntiScale value) and then using image filtering to reduce the resolution based on the inverse scale. Property panel will show this inverse transform scale (i.e for scale factor of 10 , the transform scaleX(0.1) and transform ScaleY(0.1)) since that is the transform scale applied to the svg element. The scale factor value can range between 0 to 100 including floating point values.


          Because the default value in CC 2014 is 10, it possible that SVG image which is rasterized by browser is too big and using up memory which leads to a crash. This could happen in certain devices based on the memory available. In the patch mentioned above we have changed the default value to 1. You can change this value if required. Please follow the steps below for the same.