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    Trying to move position of object that I used puppet tool on, but it always gets messed up


      I am currently animating a book opening with pages flipping. I'm animating it with three vector files from Illustrator(top cover, all pages, and the bottom cover) and then I have made shape layers to be the pages that flip. I've made them flip by using the puppet tool to make the physics right. I animated them all in the middle of the screen just to get the animation down, but now I want to the whole animation to another part of the frame. However, every time I try to move everything, everything gets all messed up and weird! I've tried pre composing and moving it. Tried pick whipping everything to a null, tried just moving everything by highlighting all the position keyframes. Every time I get the same result. Is there a solution to this? Or, do I have to simply reanimate it exactly where I want it to be in the frame?