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    Looking to Hire

      Ok, I know there lot's of 'Hire a Programmer' sites, but i like these boards and wanted to post here instead. I hope the ColdFusion category isn't too off-base.

      I have a pretty simple job that i need done asap (of course), as in about a week.

      I'm selling 2 products online using paypal. Only thing is that both items have variables and if you buy them together they have promotional pricing etc. I'm looking for someone who can write some solid Java to integrate with PayPal to make buying my stuff really easy.

      the site is: raiseupart.com Check it out and email me a cost estimate?

      Paypal told me about this great site: members.aol.com\paypalhelper There is a lot there to work with, but i'm too buried in my own jobs to deal with it.