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    PE 12 Sluggish using multiple video formats



      Been using Premiere Elements 12 for about a year. Usually not too many issues, and when I've had them, someone here in the forum is nice enough to help me out. Been creating an online interview project with a friend for YouTube. Lately, even with no budget, we're getting a tad more sophisticated technically, I'm using video files from various sources that aren't in the same format. I'm having problems with video freezing up while audio is running fine. For the episode I finished last night, there are files from a Canon DSLR in .mov format 1920x1080 24fps, from my Samsung S4 in .mp4 format 1920x1080 23fps (can that be right?), some from an old Alesis Videotrack (for shaky handheld) in .mp4 format 640x480 30fps, and files from Skype in .mp4 format 1280x720 29fps. (Evaer makes an app that records vid & audio to two separate files from both computers during a Skype conversation.Very cool) The PE 12 file is, I believe, 720 24fps that I'm importing all this to. So I'm just wondering if all this mixing and matching is the root of my problem. End up rendering during editing constantly but it doesn't last that long. When rendered down to a final file, it's just fine playing in Windows Media Player. Should I be converting the files to the same format somehow before importing to PE? The final video is 1280x720, 24 fps.

      Any help will be GREATLY appreciated,


      Windows 8.1 64 bit, recently reinstalled

      Intel i5

      6 GB Ram

      Hybrid ssd drive partitioned for separate OS and Documents